Nail Tables
Offer your clients comfort and that special luxurious feeling when visiting your Salon. The right Nail Table is not just pretty to look at, it also needs to withstand the daily use. All our laminates are tested, so you can be assured they are suitable for commercial use. Discover Manicure Tables with practical storage cupboards, retails display or little shelves to show off your different nail polishes.

  • Florence Nail Table

    The Florence Nail Desk is a new contemporary design with contoured acetone resistant work surface, black steel legs with adjustable feet. The storage cupboard has two drawers to the top and a lower cupboard offering plenty of storage space for tools and equipment. The Florence is available as a one or two position unit in any laminate from the REM laminate swatch
    • available in any laminate
    • storage on the right side
    • cable port to work surface
    • mag lamp holder
    • adjustable legs
    • acetone resistant work surface
    Options to consider:
    • 05852 – Twin Chrome Electrical Sockets with USB Ports
    • 05858 – Twin Chrome Electrical Sockets with USB Ports – Pre-wired
  • Designed to complement the Stadium Trolley, this affordable Stadium Manicure Table is both practical and elegant. Includes a locking cupboard with a one height positional internal shelf, an adjustable leg for uneven floors and a lamp holder.
    • available in Rustic Oak and Michigan Elm
    • 1 lockable cupboard with 1 shelf
    • adjustable chrome leg and chrome handles
    • unit on castors
    • lamp holder
  • Simplistic, elegant and timeless - the Indigo Nail Table is the perfect addition to any Nail Salon. Its practical two tray storage system gives plenty of space to store nail tech tools and equipment. Available in any REM laminate.
    • available in any laminate
    • with 2 high impact polypropylene sliding trays
    • chrome leg
  • The Infinity Nail Station impresses with its sleek modern design, outstanding functionality and is available in the full REM laminate swatch range to suit your Salon style. The nail table includes an upper display area with two display shelves. You can also add USB sockets.
    • available in any laminate
    • 2 glass shelf display
    • with 2 drawers
    • incl. cabel management ports
    Options to consider:
    • 05852 – Twin Chrome Electrical Sockets with USB Ports
    • 05858 – Twin Chrome Electrical Sockets with USB Ports – Pre-wired
  • Concorde Nail Table

    The Concorde Nail Table one position features a modern rounded design, which can be personalised with any laminate from the REM range. Optional features include a double socket (wired or un-wired) and an advanced air filter system. The air filter system is a 2 stage purification system, which in the first stage catches larger nail particles and waste with a removable particle filter. The second stage is a HEPA carbon activated filter to catch particles as small as 0.3 microns to 99.97% effectiveness.
    • available in any laminate
    • incl. cable port
    • mag lamp holder
    • available as a 1 position or two position with or without storage
    • optional: electric double sockets (pre-wired or not pre-wired), Air filter system